The Importance of Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in the Workplace

Posted June 23rd, 2012

Companies institute wellness programs in the workplace based on their belief that such programs will improve employee health, reduce medical costs, increase productivity and raise retention rates. But the program design has been largely based on untested assumptions about employee attitudes regarding health and the workplace, the challenges they face in following healthy lifestyles and the program options most likely to engender positive change.

Optumâ„¢ commissioned research with GfK Roper Public Affairs and Corporate Communications to:

  • Understand how employees rate employers on prioritizing health and wellness
  • Identify employee views on their own health and productivity as a result of wellness programs
  • Learn what employees see as the primary challenges to living a healthy lifestyle in the workplace
  • Assess the types of programs employees view as most helpful
  • Understand the differences between companies that have a culture of health versus those that do not

The results strongly support the premise that well-designed workplace wellness programs can be highly effective in helping employees adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle change, with significant benefits for employee and employer alike.

To see the results, download, "The Importance of Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in the Workplace."