Policy and Program Consulting and Management

The Lewin Group (Lewin), an Optum™ company, is a health care consulting firm that delivers objective analysis and strategic counsel to state agencies. Cited as “the gold standard of health policy analysis” by the Wall Street Journal, we help state government organizations design, implement and improve the programs they regulate and administer, including Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Additionally, we conduct evidence-based research to guide future government program development.

Lewin has provided Medicaid and CHIP consulting services for public and private clients in more than 45 states during the past decade. Our unique, extensive experience helps us assist government officials in analyzing and understanding their constituents’ needs. Moreover, it enables us to offer realistic perspectives and objective viewpoints on the needs and capabilities of stakeholders involved with the provision of public sector health insurance programs.

Our strategic and analytical services help state clients:
  • Improve policy and expand knowledge of health care and human services systems
  • Enact, run and evaluate programs to enhance delivery and financing of health care and human services
  • Deal with shifts in health care practice, technology and regulation
  • Optimize performance, quality, coverage and health outcomes
  • Create strategies for institutions, communities, governments and people, to make health care and human services systems more effective

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