Operations support

Broad-based operations support that meets a multitude of needs

With establishment of the new health insurance marketplace, state agencies and legislative bodies are facing unique operational challenges. Whether it’s quality, cost or compliance related, Optum has the depth of resources and marketplace expertise to help you meet expectations.

Our background in IT assessments, operations support and project management includes:

  • Hardware and software assessments, data analysis and reporting, testing and release management 
  • Supplementing IT processes with project management and oversight, release management, and independent testing and validation
  • Establishing a state-based operations center to monitor marketplace infrastructure
  • Streamlining administrative processes and reducing operational expenses

Administrators are under pressure to transform their operations, support new processes and reduce administrative costs. Modern technology, nimble operating models and advanced analytics are required to thrive in the evolving marketplace.

Let Optum help you reduce the complexity and cost of your marketplace operations and technology. Contact us today.