Analytic Services

The Lewin Group uses its extensive experience in health care policy and programs to help states meet their marketplace goals. By developing analytic frameworks incorporating a variety of data sets and conducting complex data analyses, The Lewin Group can identify performance measures, variations, patterns and consumer preferences. Our services include:

  • Operational and management analytics. We integrate data from disparate data sources, such as market research, federal and state agencies, and internal operations, to monitor enrollment and overall operations. These include website performance, qualified health plan (QHP) selection and eligibility determination.
  • Customer segmentation. Using enrollment data, we develop socio-demographic profiles by QHP and stratify the data by such factors as disease propensity and severity. We can then identify gaps in coverage and better match plans to customers.
  • Enrollment and revenue targets. By determining the distribution of consumer spending within the gold, silver and platinum tiers, we make recommendations regarding long-term strategic planning, product development and pricing to meet consumer need and preferences.
  • Product and service preferences and priorities. We extrapolate which plan features are favored by specific customer segments to help the marketplace and health insurance carriers develop more competitive offerings.
  • Quality and performance measurement. We identify performance metrics, develop benchmarks and deploy robust analytic, reporting and mining capabilities to gain a thorough understanding of your business and performance drivers.
  • Research and evaluation. We assess member care and outcomes data to improve service. For instance, our analyses might identify geographic variations in disease propensity, which we could use to investigate potential improvements in health care practices across regions.

The Lewin Group analyzes performance metrics to determine marketplace success — a health care system that spurs people to manage their care in such a way that it improves health, holds down costs and drives marketplace sustainability. To learn more about the critical role metrics will play in reaching marketplace goals, please download our white paper, “What to consider as the marketplace moves from year 1 to maturity.” This paper identifies the strategic operational and program questions administrators should ask as their data and analytics processes grow and demonstrates what they can learn through performance metrics.

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