Building around your program goals

At Optum, we focus first on understanding each customer’s and community’s vision of success, and the values and ethics that underlie that vision. Using these precepts as our guide, We work with you and your community stakeholders to create local, community-centered systems of care to ensure your program goals are achieved.

Our formula for success:

Tools and Expertise

Because community needs vary, we employ a variety of sophisticated decision-support tools and proven approaches to improving health care systems. Specifically, we bring to bear our extensive, data-driven and analytical resources in order to improve outcomes at the level of the individual and for the population as a whole. Public sector claims, care management and fund-mapping tools increase accountability and resource utilization. Together, these capabilities help us:

  • Achieve a better understanding of community- and population-specific health drivers
  • Identify at-risk individuals sooner to enable effective early intervention
  • Optimize the use of multiple fund sources
  • Support providers in the delivery of evidence-based care, while empowering consumers to manage and improve their own health and well-being

We couple these tools with our expertise to craft locally driven, community-focused system change in a variety of diverse communities across the country.


Enhancing systems of care requires effective leadership at every level. Our proven ability to communicate, collaborate and effect positive change enables Optum to capably support and improve community health care systems. Our streamlined processes for bringing new, evidence-based practices to the community expand the scope of services for individuals at home, in school, at work and throughout the community.

In addition, our technical assistance programs combine national expertise and peer support to develop clinical, administrative and leadership competencies in provider organizations as well as in consumer, family and parent advocacy groups. And our strategic relationships with leading national, nonprofit organizations in the areas of supportive housing and supported employment help create the community infrastructure necessary to support comprehensive wellness and recovery.


Discipline is the final, critical element necessary to foster values-driven change. Optum applies a rigorous approach to system improvement that embodies discipline at every step, including:

  • Proven implementation and program management models that support timely, cost-effective administration of new and ongoing programs
  • A culture of performance management, led by dedicated process-improvement teams and a support structure that includes over 500 Six-Sigma-certified process experts
  • Transparent financial, outcome and project reporting
  • Quality improvement programs across all domains, with detailed execution plans, open processes for measuring outcomes, and formal, inclusive processes to continually drive system improvement

System Performance

With the right tools and expertise, leadership and discipline, Optum supports community health care system improvement, not to mention enhancing the health and well-being of individuals and families. Working alongside leaders in the communities we serve, we are truly transforming health care.

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