Steve Myers

Chief Technology Officer, Government Programs

“I have lived my life both personally and professionally trying to create environments where I can make or help people make a distinct difference in their lives. Throughout my life I have shared in the struggles of life, and have shared in the struggles that our consumers endure through their families’, friends’, and acquaintances with mental health issues. People deserve to enjoy the opportunities life has to offer and I intend to help them through it by creating systems of care that can help them along their path. I joined OptumHealth because they have given me the opportunity to work with similarly dedicated people that have one make it better for others”

Steve Myers has 12 years of experience providing direct information technology (IT) solutions to public sector behavioral health and medical programs in multiple states, including the country's largest public behavioral health contract in Maricopa County, Arizona. His focus is on behavioral health IT operations and implementations. His prior experience includes additional consulting work in the design of IT systems in the public sector environment.

Overall, Myers brings 22 years in system design and operations to OptumHealth. His knowledge has been invaluable during our recent implementations in New Mexico and Pierce County, Washington. His years of experience managing various IT needs have allowed him to effectively guide and direct OptumHealth's IT development so that it meets the needs of the providers and consumers.

Myers has a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration and management from the University of Phoenix.