Provider Data Solutions

Improve processes for more accurate data

The path to high-quality provider data is unique to every organization. Optum™ can work with you to create a customized plan to evaluate, improve and maintain your data.

At Optum, our comprehensive suite of database tools and data management services help to improve the processes within your agency that can compromise complete and accurate provider data.


Optum Alert Notification

Valuable monthly reports

Every month we'll send you reports detailing practitioners with expiring or expired documents. Covered elements include State License, DEA, CDS, Board Certification and Professional Liability Insurance. You’ll receive reports at the beginning of every month outlining expired documents from the previous month and soon-to-be expiring documents for the current month.

Provider Data Online Database

Clean up your data

Bad data costs health plans millions of dollars each year in unnecessary expenses. In contrast, accurate data can increase your claims auto-adjudication rates, prevent fraudulent claims from being paid and Increase your plan's coverage and provider density.

Provider360 Data Extracts

Maintain quality data at a reduced cost

Agencies leverage Optum™ data extracts to maintain quality data at about 30 percent the cost of doing it themselves. Learn how.

Provider Information Management

Get the provider information you need — all in one place

Finally, your agency can stop duplicating efforts reduce administrative waste. Learn more about the Provider Information Management solutions at Optum™.

Provider360 Data Services

Optimize provider data

Provider360 Data Services offer a suite of solutions that can help keep your files updated and maintained to better serve your members, network providers and meet regulatory requirements.

Provider360 NPI Integrator

Provider360 NPI Integrator can help you complete the NPI integration process quickly, easily, cost-effectively and accurately.