GeoAccess® GeoNetworks®

Analyze and communicate network accessibility

GeoAccess GeoNetworks can help you gain the clarity you need to quickly and accurately analyze and represent your provider network’s accessibility.

For two decades, our GeoAccess GeoNetworks has been the industry standard for presenting your provider network’s accessibility. GeoNetworks is speedy, comprehensive and accurate.

GeoNetworks lets you present a detailed view of your network to prospective employers. This versatile software produces presentation-quality maps, graphs and tabular reports that are widely recognized as the industry’s best for analyzing and communicating network availability. You can customize it to meet the analytical needs of your organization without having to spend time sifting through inapplicable information. And with regular updates and periodic enhancements to geographic data, you are able to proactively address new trends.

GeoNetworks can give you the following insights to strengthen your market position:
  • Discern how your provider network compares to your competitors’ networks
  • Recognize whether you are losing employer groups or not winning prospective clients because of your network composition
  • Represent your provider network’s composition and accessibility with confidence
  • Analyze employee access to providers and determine precisely which providers to recruit

GeoNetworks software is the total solution for understanding, leveraging and communicating the power of your provider network.

Landing that new contract often hinges on your provider network’s accessibility and composition, so you need to get those factors right. Optum GeoAccess® GeoNetworks helps you get them right. Use this desktop software tool to effectively analyze, manage, position, market and sell a network well suited to your prospects. Provider networks are unique. GeoNetworks® can help you showcase the strengths of yours.

The Access Standard

Developed by health care consultants specifically for the managed care industry, GeoNetworks is more than a network accessibility tool with mapping features. It is a powerful software tool that effectively and efficiently determines provider network accessibility. With GeoNetworks’ flexible access standards, ready-to-use page templates, customizable maps and numerous report options, you can make more informed decisions and provide a higher level of health services.

Accurate Geocoding

When your address data is limited to five-digit zip codes, GeoNetworks knows what to do. The built-in representative geocoding functionality assigns each employee and/or provider a location based on population distribution within a zip code and surrounding area, which is a definite improvement over more simplistic forms of placement.

Customizable Reports

Customized GeoNetworks® reports allow you to support a variety of departments within your organization. Predefined report pages include everything you need to meet specific project requirements. From title page to basic access analysis reports to sophisticated search reports and thematic maps, GeoNetworks® creates those requested by most consulting firms and employers.

Powerful Mapping

GeoNetworks includes high-resolution zip code, county, and state boundary files and city points as well as interstate, U.S., and state highways. Additionally, the product integrates seamlessly with GeoAccess’ street-level data product. Whether your network covers a single city or the entire nation, GeoNetworks produces maps that can be defined and viewed for any part of the United States on a state, county, zip code, census tract, block group or street level.

Flexible Data Input And Output

With unmatched flexibility and agility, GeoNetworks® supports many popular PC data management packages, and can easily import multiple file formats. You can browse or edit data files using GeoNetworks®’ built-in data management tool, or call your favorite database management system software from within the program.

Distance Calculations

GeoNetworks automatically calculates the distance between providers and members or employees, giving you the ability to perform the analysis based on estimated driving time or distance and straight-line distance.

GeoNetworks continues to be the market leader in network accessibility analysis not only because of its track record but also because of its versatility and its clarity. Maps, charts and tabular reports enable you to present a detailed view of your network to prospective employers. In addition, they can be customized to meet the analytical needs of your organization without having to spend time sifting through inapplicable information. And, with regular updates and periodic enhancements to geographic data, you can proactively address new trends.

In addition to frequent data updates, this desktop software tool continues to evolve. Among the many recent enhancements are new reporting options, new features on existing reports, new time saving shortcuts, and new ways of counting providers.

Enhance your networks visibility:
  • Respond to requests for proposal (RFP) quickly, confidently, and competitively
  • Design effective networks that include the right clinicians in the right areas
  • Compare and select networks
  • Identify and address network gaps
  • Market networks to employers
  • Define service areas
  • Communicate provider accessibility to employers