GeoAccess® Geographic Coder®

Showcase the strength of your provider network

GeoAccess Geographic Coder is an address-based geocoding application that assigns geographic coordinates to provider, facility or ancillary location records.

As a companion module to GeoNetworks®, Geographic Coder can help you get, and effectively present, a more complete view of your provider network. This level of detail allows you to:

  • Differentiate your plan with higher-level RFP submissions
  • Analyze and communicate provider accessibility to employers in better detail
  • Be more strategic in your planning and network design

Prospective customers expect RFPs with GeoNetworks-generated provider network information. With Geographic Coder, you can add precision to accessibility analysis and reporting, allowing you to provide deeper insight about your provider network.

Tailor RFP submissions, strengthen analyses, and add clarity to reports with:

  • Placement at the exact address
  • Superior mapping
  • Precise geocoding and distance calculations
  • More accurate accessibility reporting

Provider networks are unique. Geographic Coder can help you showcase the strengths of yours.

Optum GeoAccess Geographic Coder features:


GeoCoder links seamlessly with GeoNetworks and other GeoAccess products. Its easy-to-use interface enhances those products with the accuracy of address-based geocoding.


GeoCoder is fast and efficient, allowing you to process large data files in minutes. It performs address-based geocoding whenever possible. When address data is unavailable or incomplete, GeoCoder performs representative geocoding, which assigns geographic coordinates based on how the population is distributed within a zip code.


GeoCoder also can assign place names such as count, CBSA and classification, as well as county and state FIPS codes and CBSA codes. In addition, it can add census tract and block group data.


In addition to frequent data updates, this desktop software tool continues to evolve. With the new release of Microsoft® Excel and Access files are easily imported and exported. In addition, geographic data is now available for the U.S. Virgin Islands for tabular reports.

Technical Support

GeoCoder’s annual service agreement includes periodic product enhancements and updates to geographic data. In addition, GeoAccess provides unsurpassed user support and training services. For instance, you can make unlimited calls to GeoCoder’s toll-free user support line as part of your annual service agreement.

Differentiate Your Plan

Prospective customers expect RFP submissions with GeoNetworks-generated provider network information. GeoCoder allows you to exceed those expectations and stand out from the crowd. With GeoCoder, you can add precision to accessibility analysis and reporting, allowing you to provide deeper insight about your provider network.

Pinpoint Access to Providers

The GeoCoder module offers precise provider maps, distance calculations and accessibility reporting by drawing from providers’ exact address location. While GeoNetworks assigns a representative code based on zip code, GeoCoder draws from actual addresses to present more detailed provider maps and distance calculations. This specificity also allows for more accurate provider counts within a geographic area.

Improve Planning and Network Design

The better you understand providers’ locations, the better you can tailor your network to prospective and existing customers’ needs. GeoCoder can give you a clear, comprehensive picture of the distribution of physicians across a given geographic area, enabling you to build your network more deliberately and strategically.