GeoAccess® Disruption Analysis®

Make informed network decisions

GeoAccess Disruption Analysis is a desktop software that identifies member/provider disruptions and their costs should an employer change health care provider networks.

Disruption Analysis gives you the network coverage answers you need to strengthen your existing business and win new business. The software’s standardized approach saves you time and effort by simplifying the cumbersome process of collecting and analyzing provider data between networks.

The solution's underlying technology and automated processes increase efficiency and accuracy by replacing the variable, labor-intensive processes used by most organizations today.

Disruption Analysis goes far beyond simply comparing provider lists. It uses data that represents the current network (such as claims history for the employer) to create a consistent benchmark of the relationships between providers and members. With standardized measurement, analysis and communication of disruptions, you can see how your network stacks up against the competition, identify features that set your network apart and make well-informed decisions about changing provider networks.

Let Disruption Analysis® simplify a labor-intensive process — so you can be more effective with fewer resources.

  • Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your disruption analysis
  • Enable fair and accurate comparisons across the marketplace
  • Complete disruption analyses in a fraction of the time that it used to take
  • Give employers a truer representation of the impact on their employees