Network Analytics

Strengthen your network

Our industry-leading Network Analysis solutions allow you to monitor and enhance your network to meet your agency’s access, compliance and quality objectives.


GeoAccess® Disruption Analysis®

Make informed network decisions

GeoAccess Disruption Analysis is a desktop software that identifies member/provider disruptions and their costs should an employer change health care provider networks.

GeoAccess Geographic Coder®

Showcase the strength of your provider network

GeoAccess Geographic Coder is an address-based geocoding application that assigns geographic coordinates to provider, facility or ancillary location records.

GeoAccess GeoNetworks®

Analyze and communicate network accessibility

GeoAccess GeoNetworks can help you gain the clarity you need to quickly and accurately analyze and represent your provider network’s accessibility.

Provider Information Management

Get the provider information you need — all in one place

Finally, your agency can stop duplicating efforts reduce administrative waste. Learn more about the Provider Information Management solutions at Optum™.