Impact Pro™

Health care analytics for care management

Impact Pro is a clinical informatics solution that uses episode-based predictive modeling to help care managers target health care services to the people who will benefit most.

Deep insight for better decisions

Impact Pro arms care management teams with transparent predictive modeling, evidence-based medicine, and tailored clinical and business rules to identify, stratify and assess members. That insight enables them to design new programs, initiate new interventions or make better care decisions at any level — individual, group or program.

Impact Pro can help you:
  • Maximize intervention efficacy by quickly identifying those members where intervention will be most successful within any population
  • Discover new intervention program opportunities for members
  • Assess the value and quality of current intervention programs
  • Understand the issues driving each member’s current and future health care

Improve outcomes

Impact Pro can help you cut costs by identifying members who would get the most value from current managed care programs using customizable care profiles and evidence-based guidelines targeted to specific members’ health.

Advanced program analysis

This powerful tool can measure specific programs’ effectiveness and cost savings over time by gauging both quality of care and health care outcomes. In addition, it can help evaluate member populations enrolled in current programs and identify new program opportunities for those populations.