Impact Intelligence™

Identify improvement opportunities

Impact Intelligence is an integrated suite of solutions that incorporates leading clinical analysis tools to help managed care organizations identify improvement opportunities.

Impact Intelligence is a powerful tool that can help your organization identify clinical, operational and financial improvements. It allows you to analyze and dissect data by whatever dimension or measure you choose. Customized report views let you focus on the data you need most. And don’t worry about security. Impact Intelligence integrates easily into your organization’s existing HIPAA compliance program.

Delivering high-quality, cost-effective health care requires a detailed understanding of utilization trends, patient outcomes and provider performance. Impact Intelligence can help you measure performance to:

  • Improve your health plan's performance
  • Boost the composition of your provider network
  • Enhance the health and well-being of your members
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Provide ability to meet the demand of employer requests for information
  • Enterprise-wide decision support
Easy-to-use application

Impact Intelligence delivers complex information through an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based platform. Whether you are a CEO, a network physician or a health care data analyst, you’ll quickly see opportunities for change in your organization.

Implementation support

The power in a tool is in the knowledge of its user. The experts at Optum will walk you through the implementation process. We’ll recommend best practices in deployment, use and processes for top performance. Our experienced consultants and technicians know just how health care organizations of every size and complexity can best integrate Impact Intelligence into their business operations.

Impact Intelligence can be used as a specialized tool for employer group reporting and provider analysis and profiling. This flexible solution lets you choose the specific set of analytics necessary to provide employer groups with crucial information about the cost and quality of care for their workers. Peer definitions produce an internal benchmark for providers. They utilize a combination of current nationally accepted quality guidelines, service utilization rates and cost of care. This helps inform the development of Pay for Performance and Tiered Networks solutions.

With an installable processing engine and a powerful web-based solution, you now have full control of this useful software to benefit your organization.