Reporting and Analysis

Learn how you can use the Impact™ suite of reporting and analysis tools to give your agency a clinical, operational and financial edge.

Scrutinize the data to target your health care services

The Impact suite of analytics and reporting tools, complete with physician and patient-specific portals, allows you to provide targeted health care services, with guidance from multi-dimensional, episode-based predictive modeling and care management analytics.


Impact Intelligence™

Identify improvement opportunities

Impact Intelligence is an integrated suite of solutions that incorporates leading clinical analysis tools to help managed care organizations identify improvement opportunities.

Impact Provider™

Healthcare analytics for providers

Impact Provider delivers clinical informatics to physicians to improve health outcomes. Finally. Providers have the longitudinal care information they need to proactively engage patients, regardless of whether they were the ones who delivered health care services in the past.

Impact Pro™ for Care Management

Health care analytics for care management

Impact Pro is a clinical informatics solution that uses episode-based predictive modeling to help care managers target health care services to the people who will benefit most.