Encounter Data Quality

Gain accurate and timely encounter data

Medicaid is expanding and service costs are escalating. Optum™ can help you get the complete and accurate encounter data your agency needs to mitigate your risk. We'll help program managers better anticipate costs, judge quality and ensure sufficient access to critical services. You'll rest assured, knowing that you have accurate and timely encounter data to drive everyday decisions on how to best balance costs, quality and access for long-term program sustainability.

Leveraging advanced analytics and deep experience, experts from Optum and The Lewin Group collaborate to help you:
  • Evaluate the quantity of encounter data for health services delivered in various settings
  • Determine quality and specificity of procedure codes and diagnoses
  • Understand and evaluate key encounter data quality improvement strategies
  • Identify encounter data quality deficiencies and root causes
  • Identify concrete attainable goals and related plan improvement activities
  • Monitor and facilitate data quality improvements and progress toward goals
Encounter Data Quality Solutions can help your agency:
  • Enhance budget and forecasting activities though more accurate anticipation of cost drivers and future spend
  • Improve quality, care management programs and outcomes by working to rebalance health care spending and incentivize evidence-based care
  • Oversee contracts more effectively with a more accurate basis for monitoring cost, quality and access by partners responsible for managing care