Management and Administrative Reporting System (MARS)

Enhance Medicaid management

Our Management and Administrative Reporting System (MARS) is a financial reporting and analytical tool that provides the detailed reports necessary for CMS certification and the advanced capabilities to properly manage and oversee your state’s Medicaid program.

The Management and Administrative Reporting System (MARS) provides you with immediate access to critical reports of user-selected financial, budget, processing metrics and totals. View the detailed list of claims behind the totals and export to an Excel spreadsheet for more manipulation of the claims data. Easily see the details behind aggregate totals. Select a subset of data instead of viewing an entire report. Set up alerts for fields that are outside of pre-set norms. View pie charts and bar charts as well as detail reports. Access data by date of service as well as paid date. No matter your need, MARS makes your job easier.

MARS can help you:
  • Meet federal reporting and CMS system certification requirements with fiscal oversight and management
  • Develop sustainable policies based on data analysis
  • Measure program performance based on key performance indicators

Management and Administrative Reporting System (MARS) core functionality supports:
  • Flexible reporting for expenditures, budget information, recoupments and collections according to federal and state criteria
  • Reporting by various criteria, including fund sources, categories of service and eligibility, provider types and other required categories
  • Counts and amounts in many diverse areas such as eligibility, utilization data to support the budget process, utilization by aid category, category of service and lag factors used for cash flow determination
  • Claim processing activity and statistics (such as claims processing time, financial aged analysis, remittance and payment summaries, suspended/denied claim reporting and processing cycle time analysis by different categories)
  • Provider-specific (individual or category) reporting, including error code analysis, participation analysis, ranking and claim filing statistics
  • Cost settlement reporting and adjustments and financial transactions
  • More than 80 core reports within six separate reporting modules and one balancing module

Management and Administrative Reporting System (MARS) offers the following functionality and benefits:
  • Performance Measurement. Key performance indicators are produced by the system to give management insight into the operational performance of the program.
  • Flexibility. Reports are easily customizable, allowing quick modifications to expenditure groupings to match individual policy or budgetary needs.
  • Electronic Format. Reports can be generated in several formats (.html, .pdf, .xml, and .xls), allowing easy sharing and archiving.
  • Graphs and Charts. Reports can incorporate graphs and charts to enhance visual presentation of data.
  • Access to Underlying Data. Users can easily navigate from summary data to claims detail information.
  • Automated Balancing. Automated balancing is provided to facilitate data integrity.
  • Importing of Data. Users can easily import external data (.xls, .txt, and .dbf formats).