Policy and Program Consulting and Management

The Lewin Group (Lewin), an Optum™ company, is a health care consulting firm that delivers objective analysis and strategic counsel to federal government agencies. Cited as “the gold standard of health policy analysis” by the Wall Street Journal, we help federal agencies develop and implement new programs and evaluate existing policies for populations such as military personnel, veterans, Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, citizens in natural disasters and other vulnerable or low-income populations.

For almost 45 years, The Lewin Group has provided analytic insight that helps federal decision-makers strengthen health and human services programs and make informed policy choices. We provide the following services:

Policy research and analysis
  • Conduct economic and statistical analysis
  • Use simulation modeling to determine the likely effects of alternative policies and programs over time
  • Perform cost-benefit and cost-impact analyses
Strategic planning
  • Environmental analysis and market segmentation
  • Financial analysis and business planning
  • Consensus building and group process facilitation
  • Product positioning and pricing
Modeling, statistics, and actuarial analysis
  • Cost savings/impact analysis
  • Health care reform
  • Workforce planning
  • Capitation rate setting
Program evaluation
  • Design and implement rigorous program evaluation
  • Develop performance measurement tools
  • Collect and analyze data for outcomes research
Technical assistance
  • Develop, deliver, and implement content-oriented training programs
  • Facilitate communication via website, webinars and resource materials
  • Provide strategic planning for marketing, recruitment and service delivery

Lewin recently completed an analysis for the Department of Veterans Affairs of the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on veterans, VA and the delivery of VA health care services. For The Institute of Medicine, Lewin recently developed multiple statistical models to determine if and how geographic variation in health care resource use and quality is due to demographics, disease burden, insurance plan characteristics, provider characteristics and market attributes. These are just two examples of the numerous studies and myriad services Lewin provides to federal agencies on an ongoing basis.

Our unique, extensive experience helps us assist federal government officials in analyzing and understanding their constituents’ needs. Moreover, it enables us to offer realistic perspectives and objective viewpoints on the needs and capabilities of stakeholders involved with the provision of public-sector health insurance programs.

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