Provider360™ Data Extracts

Maintain quality data at a reduced cost

Agencies leverage Optum™ data extracts to maintain quality data at about 30 percent the cost of doing it themselves. Learn how.

Provider360 Data Extracts offer some of the industry’s most complete and accurate provider databases, including dentists, Medicare physicians and other key health care professionals. It is available in full or partial datasets for one-time use or as periodic extracts.

Optum can help you with common data base problems such as:

  • Inaccurate data
  • Incomplete data
  • Duplicate/redundant data
  • General data deterioration
  • Inconsistent and dirty formats
  • With critical element fill rates over 95 percent, the Provider360 data enables you to:

    • Fill in providers not currently in your database
    • Obtain data fields or elements not in your database
    • Increase your database fill rates for critical elements
    • Validate your database accuracy

Our data sourcing process leverages more than 600 data sources, then cleans, standardizes validates and further verifies the data through provider phone outreach continuously and rigorously. Our extensive industry relationships provide Optum access to rich, accurate repositories of healthcare provider information not available to any other company, including credentialing, provider attestation, billing and other data.

In addition, Optum aggregates data directly from nearly every federal and state medical licensing and enumeration agency.

Leverage our data extracts to maintain quality data at about 30% the cost of doing it yourself. License the entire database or tailor a data set to your needs based on geography, provider type, specialty or other criteria. Extracts from the Provider360 Database are available as a one-time data file or updated at the frequency you need.

Datasets contain:

  • Provider360 Physicians. MDs and Dos are included
  • Provider360 Dental Professionals. DDSs and DMDs are included.
  • Provider360 Allied Professionals. Behavioral, vision, advanced practice nursing, chiropractic and other medical professionals are included.
  • Provider360 Sanctioned Providers. Sanction records are included.
  • Provider360 Medicare Opt-Out Providers. Providers that have opted out of Medicare Part B are included.
  • Provider360 Deceased Providers. Deceased medical professionals are included.

Accurate provider data is time consuming to gather and expensive to maintain without the right tools and support. We can deliver reliable provider data in the format that suits you best.

Leverage the comprehensive power of the Optum™ Provider360 Database to:

  • Authenticate providers
  • Recruit providers
  • Lower claims processing costs
  • Publish accurate, complete provider directories
  • Comply with regulatory data requirements
  • Create crosswalks between key provider identifiers
  • Reduce returned mail rates and costs

With our systematic, orchestrated use of public and proprietary provider data sources, Optum can reduce the impact of bad data by as much as 70 percent.