Symmetry® Procedure Episode Groups®

Evaluate clinical specialists

Now there’s an effective way to measure the performance of surgical procedures, workup and post-procedural services.

New and innovative

Health care organizations face a growing need to measure the value of health care provided by specialty surgeons as well accommodate their unique procedural focus in that assessment. More than a decade of Optum™ Symmetry™ product experience has helped define a consistent unit of measurement for surgeon specialists that:

  • Includes surgical procedures, workup, and post-procedural services
  • Provides a simple method for comparing providers by clinical specialties
  • Creates the data for sequence-of-care analysis

Unified unit of measurement for surgical procedures

PEG methodology uses carefully designed algorithms, based on clinical guidelines and a complete understanding of the complexity of medical claims data, to facilitate accurate identification and thorough development of complete procedure episodes.

Evaluate clinical specialists

One of the most important features of a tool that compares procedures is its ability to accurately assign procedure episodes to the clinical specialists who performed them. PEG uses a sophisticated system for ranking and identifying the provider who performed the procedure that defines the episode.