Symmetry® Episode Treatment Group®

Symmetry Episode Treatment Group (ETG®) is an episode grouper for medical and pharmacy claims. It provides a condition classification methodology that combines related services into medically relevant and distinct units describing complete and severity adjusted episodes of care and associated costs. ETG can be used in diverse applications integral to the success of clinicians, managed care organizations, health care researchers and administrators.

ETG can help you:
  • Identify clinically homogenous episodes of care
  • Organize claims/encounter data into intuitive units
  • Identify effective medical interventions
  • Base your information needs on methodology
  • Quantify your organization's performance

Financial and clinical metrics for analyzing evidence-based medicine

Using routinely collected claims or encounter data as input, the ETG software captures the relevant services provided during a patient's treatment, and organizes the claims/encounter data into meaningful episodes of care resulting in accurate identification of clinically homogenous episodes of care, regardless of treatment location or duration.

A foundation for superior health care management reporting

The ETG methodology is similar to that of Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) but with several important differences. Perhaps the most obvious is that ETG, identifies and classifies an entire episode of care irrespective of whether the patient has received medical treatment as an outpatient, inpatient or both.

Market leader

ETG is the leading episode grouper in the marketplace, with more than 80 percent market share of commercial products. It is licensed by more than 100 health care organizations, serving more than half of the insured US population. Finally, ETG supports a comprehensive suite of products, leveraging a single methodological platform to address a wide array of business needs, when combined with other Symmetry products – ERG®, PRG®, EBM Connect® and PEG®.

Episode Treatment Groups is part of the Symmetry suite of products supporting provider measurement, population and individual health care measurement, and clinical and financial trend analysis.

The suite includes:
  • EBM Connect®. This measures patient and provider compliance to evidence-based guidelines.
  • Episode Treatment Groups®. These groups are the market’s leading episode groupers.
  • PCQ Connect. This provides comparisons of physician peer groups and performance.
  • Procedure Episode Groups®. These groups categorize surgical procedures to form consistent episodes of care for analysis of clinical specialists
  • Pharmacy Risk Groups®. These groups use prescription data and proprietary classification systems to understand and measure plan member health risk