Symmetry® EBM Connect®

Connect evidence-based medicine to claims data

Symmetry EBM Connect is decision support software that compares medical and pharmacy claim, lab result, and enrollment data with evidence-based best practices for clinical conditions and preventive measures. EBM Connect helps you assess provider and patient compliance with proven evidence-based treatment standards.

EBM Connect compares the medical claim, pharmacy claim, lab result, and enrollment data from your plan with evidence-based best practices for over 90 clinical conditions and almost 600 measures of care. These measures provide a quantifiable basis for actionable interventions by health plans, employers, disease managers and others. EBM Connect provides:

  • Flexibility to choose a set of measures and eligibility requirements to meet the unique needs of your population
  • Easy-to-use output files readily integrated with existing disease management systems, care management systems and many other analytical and reporting applications
  • Seamless integration with other Symmetry component engines such as Episode Treatment Groups®, Episode Risk Groups®, Procedure Episode Groups® and Pharmacy Risk Groups®, without requiring multiple setups
  • Complete transparency of measure specifications for confidence in citing results to physicians
  • Customization of measure content by allowing modification of EBM Connect® measures and creation of new measures

EBM Connect is part of the Symmetry Suite of products supporting provider measurement, population and individual health care measurement, and clinical and financial trend analysis. The suite includes:

  • Episode Treatment Groups®. These are the market’s leading episode group.
  • Episode Risk Groups®. Predicts current and future health care usage for individuals and groups.
  • PCQ Connect®. Provides comparisons of physician peer groups and performance.
  • Procedure Episode Groups®. Categorizes surgical procedures to form consistent episodes of care for analysis of clinical specialists.
  • Pharmacy Risk Groups®. Uses prescription data and proprietary classification systems to understand and measure plan member health risk.

For actual contents of each measure, please contact Optum at the following:

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