Data Visualization Services

Find and fix problems fast

Our Data Visualization Services can help you identify the insights that are essential to understanding the true costs, utilization rates, care quality and accessibility for more efficient and effective program performance.

It is not easy to find and fix the factors that compromise outcomes for Medicaid beneficiaries and drive costs for agencies. The available data is extensive and relying on managed care organizations (MCOs) to provide meaningful insights can prove challenging.

Now you can distill complex information which can lead to greater understanding, actionable insights and elevated performance through our:

  • Expert Consulting. Our experienced consultants can help you identify and analyze trends and variables that adversely affect the delivery of consistent, efficient, and high-quality service. Once impactful indicators have been pinpointed, we can help you design a customized plan to address them.
  • Data Visualization Dashboards. Our easy-to-use dashboards display complex information in a clear, concise format, enabling greater clarity, transparency, and accountability, and allowing for more informed decision-making.
  • Executive Dashboard. Gain an instant, high-level snapshot of performance metrics
  • Drill-down Analytics. Drill into key performance metrics to see the story behind the numbers provided.
  • Trend Analytics. Observe significant trends that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Geo Analytics. Examine condition category, condition, prevalence and PMPM cost by region.

Leveraging our expertise and comprehensive Data Visualization solutions can allow your agency to:
  • Easily detect inefficiencies, gaps, and shortfalls
  • Present a clear, comprehensive picture of performance that paves the way for informed discussions and decisions
  • Set the right strategy to improve services and cost-effectiveness
  • Implement and operate a customized, measurable improvement plan