See how the experts at Optum™ can take seemingly disparate data and turn it into actionable insights that improve the bottom line.

Make technology your competitive advantage

The specialists at Optum can help interpret and transform your state's data to improve programs, create new opportunities, identify areas to best contain costs, understand the impact of policies, and more.


Data Visualization Services

Find and fix problems fast

Our Data Visualization Services can help you identify the insights that are essential to understanding the true costs, utilization rates, care quality and accessibility for more efficient and effective program performance.

Encounter Data Quality

Gain accurate and timely encounter data

Medicaid is expanding and service costs are escalating. Optum™ can help you get the complete and accurate encounter data your agency needs to mitigate your risk. We'll help program managers better anticipate costs, judge quality and ensure sufficient access to critical services. You'll rest assured, knowing that you have accurate and timely encounter data to drive everyday decisions on how to best balance costs, quality and access for long-term program sustainability.

Provider Practice Pattern Data Quality Services

Transform provider practices for better results

Medicaid programs strive to provide the best care within a challenging environment. It can be hard to attract and retain high-quality providers when reimbursement rates are typically lower than Medicare and commercial contracting rates. Once on board, some providers may not always comply with the evidence-based care guidelines for people with chronic conditions, which can drive costs higher.

Provider Profiling Services

Find and keep the best providers

It can be challenging to find and maintain high-quality, cost-effective primary care providers for Medicaid beneficiaries. And without a primary care doctor, patients use more expensive inpatient services more often.