Business Intelligence

See how state and federal agencies rely on Optum™ to turn huge amounts of data into powerful insights that improve health outcomes.

Promote health and manage costs using business intelligence

Domain expertise and a deep understanding of how government works. This is what guides us as we work with you to improve the effectiveness of Health and Human Services programs for organizations and citizens. The powerful tools and services at Optum™ let you convert raw data into valuable and useful information that gets results.

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Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions

Achieve superior outcomes with advanced health information technology

Sophisticated data warehousing has little impact without deep domain knowledge and a track record in the government sector. At Optum™, our experts understand the nuances. We have the experience needed to create actionable insights from Business Intelligence solutions. Our insights get results. We can help contain costs and improve outcomes for Health and Human Service agencies, program beneficiaries and taxpayers.

Management and Administrative Reporting System (MARS)

Enhance Medicaid management

Our Management and Administrative Reporting System (MARS) is a financial reporting and analytical tool that provides the detailed reports necessary for CMS certification and the advanced capabilities to properly manage and oversee your state’s Medicaid program.