Increase productivity in your workplace while improving your employees’ overall wellbeing.

Want to improve employee relations, productivity and wellbeing in your workplace? It’s easier than you think.

At Optum™, we understand that productivity, wellbeing and good employee relations go hand in hand. We can help you make sure your staff feels valued by offering programs designed to improve and maintain their physical and mental health and by fostering a positive work environment.

Optum employee assistance program (EAP)

Our EAP is the premier employee counselling service in Australia, and it helps your individuals manage personal and work-based issues that can impact their productivity and performance. Employees and managers can receive confidential telephone, face-to-face or online access to a professionally qualified counsellor for support. The Optum employee counselling service can increase workforce productivity and reduce absenteeism, resulting in a healthier work environment and increased organisational performance.

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Optum EAP Plus product suite

As a complete health and wellbeing provider, Optum offers a range of mental health, productivity and wellbeing solutions. Our training programs are designed to assist the people who drive the continual success of your business and improve working relationships among employees, resulting in high-performing individuals and teams that boost productivity and your bottom line. See below for the full range…of EAP Plus products and employee services available.

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Optum wellbeing services

Total employee wellbeing is both mental and physical, which is why Optum has a range of tailored wellbeing  services packages to positively impact your workforce’s health. The packages are designed to be fun, engaging and educational, giving your employees the opportunity to bond with each other and empowering them to improve their own health. See below for the range of activities available in our wellbeing services packages.

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