Employee assistance programs (EAP)

Every dollar spent on identifying and supporting workers with mental illness yields close to 500% return in improved productivity.* Optum™ can partner with your organisation to realise this return in productivity improvement through their mental health and organisational psychological services.

The Optum employee assistance program (EAP) provides your employees and managers access to counselling services by phone, online or face to face, enabling your employees to receive confidential counselling support wherever they are based. Optum can also provide critical incident response counselling for those times when employees need immediate assistance to cope with personal and workplace factors.

Benefits of Optum EAP Plus and employee counselling services:
  • Reduced absenteeism and improved employee performance and productivity at work
  • Increased staff retention rates to ensure your organisation attracts and keeps the best and brightest staff
  • Accessible to your employees 24/7
  • Global reach and counselling experience with a diverse range of clients, across different industries, locations, languages and cultures
  • Access to Livewell — your very own online health and wellbeing resource 24/7
  • Dedicated account management team to assist with managing and maximising the value of your EAP

*Source: Australian Human Rights Commission, 2010