Preventing bullying and harassment

The bullying and harassment prevention program aims to prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace through adopting a three-tiered approach. Firstly, it develops a manager’s capacity to identify and prevent bullying behaviours and support workers who are victims of bullying. Secondly, it focusses on employee conflict and behaviour training and provides strategies to deal with bullying and harassment and ensures all staff are made aware of professional conduct expectations and organisational policies.

The third tier involves training harassment contact officers within the organisation to act as the first point of contact for employees. The individuals can provide advice on available avenues for employees who are feeling harassed.

How it works:

  • Interactive and engaging three-hour workshop, with up to 20 participants.
  • Workshops consist of individual and group activities delivered by a senior consultant.

Who can benefit?

  • All organisations wishing to maintain high employee morale and performance
  • Industries where good internal relationships are paramount to success