EAP Plus

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Wellbeing Checks

Wellbeing Checks take a proactive approach in helping individuals manage stress levels. They are designed to intervene before the inability to cope in the workplace, struggles with work-life balance and poor emotional or physical health have an adverse impact.

Workplace Support Services

Workplace support services are designed to support individuals whose behaviour is impacting their performance and/or their team’s functioning.

Fit for Work Programs

Workplace health and safety are the primary concern with Fit for Work programs, which aim to support an organisation’s policies and procedures for a safe and risk-free environment. For example, Optum assesses an individual’s understanding of the risk factors and implications of continued substance abuse at the workplace. The core goal is to establish risk, social and usage patterns; as well as an assessment of the individual’s motivation for change and factors that might impede change. The ultimate outcome will be positive employee behavioural change and reduction of risk in the workplace to all staff.

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Preliminary research shows that Australian businesses lose 3.2 workdays per worker per year and more than $6.5 billion each year by failing to provide early intervention for employees with mental health conditions. Through training presentations and workshops, managers and employees will learn to identify and minimise the impact of mental health issues.

Peer Support Program

Peer support programs have emerged as standard practice in high-risk organisations. They identify empathetic and compassionate individuals within the organisation as the “go-to” resource if employees have a problem to discuss or require emotional support.


Supervision consists of confidential, group sessions to review challenging/complex situations, change, stress, resilience and workload.


Coaching is aimed at developing employees and providing pathways for greater contributions to the organisation through improved performance.

The sessions have a number of goals, from developing emotional intelligence and improvement of interpersonal skills, to building high-performing teams and managing relationships and pressures in the workplace.

Team Assessments

Team review and rebuilds are targeted at building effective work teams, developing strengths and overcoming challenges in areas such as team culture, practices and behaviour — fostering a positive work environment with happier employees.

They are designed to continuously improve your business teams and ultimately increase the productivity and performance of the organisation as a whole.


Mediation in the workplace involves specialist services to address and resolve complex conflict situations between staff and/or managers. Often, internal investigations and facilitated discussions are held in conjunction with mediation.

The main aim of mediation is to arrive at a mutually acceptable outcome for both parties and maintain a harmonious and productive workplace free of unhealthy conflict.

Career Outplacement

Career transition service is a specific career guidance and counselling service that provides individuals with the necessary tools to re-enter the workforce as soon as possible after the unfortunate event of employee redundancy.

Career transition service focusses on emotional support, career assessment and planning, resumé coaching, interview coaching, job search strategies, and personal and online networking in order to assist employees who have been made redundant so they can once again obtain gainful employment.

Bullying and Harassment

The bullying and harassment prevention program aims to prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace through adopting a three-tiered approach. Firstly, it develops a manager’s capacity to identify and prevent bullying behaviours and support workers who are victims of bullying. Secondly, it focusses on employee conflict and behaviour training and provides strategies to deal with bullying and harassment and ensures all staff are made aware of professional conduct expectations and organisational policies.

The third tier involves training harassment contact officers within the organisation to act as the first point of contact for employees. The individuals can provide advice on available avenues for employees who are feeling harassed.

Building Resilience

The building resilience program provides the resources and strategies to assist individuals to reduce the effects of stress and pressure in the workplace.

It aims to educate employees on the four pillars of resilience, how to recognise their own stresses and take practical steps to deal with them. The program also covers the barriers in implementing a personal resilience plan.

Navigating Change

The navigating change workshop aims to support employees through periods of change and transition in the workplace. It will provide practical tools and strategies, explore how individuals think about, feel about and see change and helps employees to understand how change impacts them.

Most importantly, the program builds self-awareness around an employee’s current capabilities in relation to change, supports emotional resilience throughout the change process and begins to normalise the impacts of change as a constant in modern workplaces.

Customised Training

OptumTM can arrange customised training upon the request of the organisation, covering a variety of topics such as:

  • Mentoring
  • Diversity
  • Time management
  • Decision-making
  • Communication
  • And many more...

Executive Guidance

Executive guidance is specifically geared toward senior managers and executives requiring support for their psychological health and wellbeing. Executive guidance can include one-on-one, executive-level programs to develop emotional intelligence in senior leaders and optimise performance of their teams.